Are my PC properties good for me to be a programmer or game developer

i need your help guys : :ange:

manufacture : dell inc
model : inspiron 1018
rating : 2.3
processor : intel(R) atom(TM) CPU N455 @ 1.66GHz 1.67GHz
installed memory(RAM) : 2gb
system type : 32bit operating system

how can i know the properties of my video card?
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  1. for writing programs it will be fine. but compiling them will be slooooooow...
    for java and android apps it will be fine for the most part but as soon as you decide to go heavy workloads your system will crumple.
    as for the properties of the gfx go into device manager and it will be there listed you can either google its spec or use gpu-z to read the gfx on an atom its likely to be an integrated solution that will play video and brows the net well but anything else it will struggle.
  2. program writer : yes of course
    game develpoer or moderator: heck no...

    for the graphics details, type ''dxdiag'' in the run of the start menu(without the in commas)
    u will get to know almost every detail from there
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