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P4c800-e volt mod and droop mod needed?

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August 14, 2004 10:39:47 AM

Well the highest Stable I can run is 2.8c @ 3.221 DDR460 @ 1:1 with all the performance stuff turnerd all on in bios and it runs dual prime 95 for 48 hours with no errors and passes all memtest test. Memory is at OCZ PC3700EB 3-3-2-4-4 @2.65volts.

The reason I cannot run over 230FSB is because it takes to many volts to get there, though it will boot at 1.80volts, I was afraid to Bench it for more then a minute or 2. Anything less and i get the all to familiar Blue screen or hard drive not found boot errors.

When I run Prime-95 and CPU Burn -in it runs at 100% stable at 230 and 1.60volts but MotherBoard Mon. Shows it go as low as 1.50volts.

When I booted at 250 I slowed the memory speeds to slowest and even tried different ratios and i cannot run at 250 without at least 1.80volts, but the CPU Temp never got above 114(45.5 Celcius) and that was the highest, it averages at 100% CPU around 110(43.33 Cecius). IS there a chance I just got a chip that needs extra volts. I special ordered this (2.8c SLZ65 as I was told it would almost be guarenteed to OC to 250.

This is the thing Ive tried evgeryons suggestions about disable spread spectrum and run higher latencies to get ther but I really wanted 250MZ DDR500 to take advantage of the high CPU speed but also the increased Memory Bandwisth, so i am a little disapointed. I think I have tried every combo in the bios but the only one that works is more VOLTS. I'd like the chip to last for at least a year or so but am willing to sacrifice a little length of life for performance now.

My questions is to all you P4c800-e guys is, Would the Volt Mod help me in my quest for 250mhz? I know it just helts to stop the dropping of the voltage during use on the CPU, but would it help someone in my situation? And While I am at it I think Ill do the Memory Volt mod while I'm at it (Or whoever I have do it, I shake to much to try that) so I can run my memory at 2.5-2-2 which with 3.1 or 3.2 volts is supposedly easily achieved.

This is where I am at now and its 100% stable on All Memtest and Prime95 with CPU Burn-in running also. Let me know what u all think, I love new suggestions. Sry this is so long but i really like your opinions and want to not leave anything u need to correctly answer my questions. Plus probably allot of p4c-800-e guys that would like to know some of this stuff.

Asus P4c800-E with P4 2.8C SL6Z5
Antec 430Watt with 2 fans
2x512 OCZ PC3700EB
Antec p160 Aluminum Case
Thermalright SP-94 with 92mm Tornado(Artic Silver)
Thermalright NB-1 with small fan that came with it(Artic Silver)
120MM Stealth Front Intake Fan
120MM Stealth Rear Exhaust Fan
All fans running at max speed(Loud as a Vacuum...LOL)

Configuration System Frequency/Voltage

AI Overclock Tuner @Manual
CPU External Frequency @230
DRAM Frequency @400 Mhz
AGP/PCI Frequency @66.66/33.33
CPU Core Voltage @1.6000Volts
DDR Reference Voltage @2.65Volts
Performance Mode @Turbo


CPUID Maximum Value Limit @Disabled
Hyper Threading Technology @Enabled

Advance Memory

Configure DRAM Timing by SPD @Disabled
DRAM CAS Latency @3.0 Clocks
DRAM RAS Precharge @2 Clocks
DRAM RAS to CAS Delay @3 Clocks
DRAM Precharge Delay @5 Clocks
DRAM Burst Length @4 Clocks
Performance Acceleration Mode @Enabled
DRAM Idle Timer @AUTO
DRAM Refresh Rate @AUTO

Graphics Aperture Priority @AGP/PCI
Graphics Aperture Size @128MB
Spread Spectrum @Enabled

ICH Delayed Transaction @Enabled

MPS Revision @1.4

Advanced PCI/PnP Settings

Plug and Play OS @YNo
PCI Latency Timer @64
Allocate IRQ to PCI VGA @NO
Pallette Snooping @Disabled
PCI IDE Busmaster @Enabled

Thanks again for all the help u guys havegiven me and I know some of my questions have been asked before but i need the latest advice on my specific system.

Antec P-160 Case with Opt. Clear Side window.
Antec TruePower 430watt P.S.
P4 2.8c (SL6z5 MO Stepping) @ 3.221GHZ
2x512 OCZ PC3700EB @ 3-2-3-4-4 @ 1:1
Thermalright Sp-94 with 92mm Tornado
Thermalright NB-1 Chipset Heatsink and Fan
92mm Tornado back case fan
120mm Stealth Front Fan
Lite-On CD-R 52X32X52X LTR-52327S
Lite-On SOHW-832S DL DVD Burner
Geforce 4 ti4200 @300/600

RAM Bandwidth Int Buff'd iSSE2 = 447MB/s
RAM Bandwidth Float Buff'd iSSE2 = 5421 MB/s

3dmark2003 = 1955 with Geforce 4 ti4200 @300/600 MHZ (I know that sucks, new video card coming soon)

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August 15, 2004 6:18:06 AM

The "droop mod" may well solve your problems. This was a little known issue and Asus would have easily swept it under the carpet had not a journalist with some INTEGRITY slipped out an ACCURATE review at this little site called Sysopt.

How would such a glaring issue be swept under the carpet? You'd get 100 users saying "Asus makes GREAT boards, yours must have a defect". Then you'd send it to Asus, they'd return it with the same problem, etc etc etc until any usefull info gets lost in the conversations. At the time of the review, the droop mod was only listed on a couple hard core sites that were limitted to a couple hundred readers.

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