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I work at a small public library with about 14 public computers. We just bought some licenses to upgrade all the machines to Windows 7. I was about to go around and install 7 on all the PC's this morning, but I've run into a bit of a speedbump.

I'd been running Windows 7 on one of the machines for about a month as a trial to see how it would run, and it's been working great. I'm fairly sure I had sound working on that computer previously, but I came in the other day and it says there aren't any audio devices installed. Naturally, Gateway doesn't have any audio drivers for Windows 7 (that I can find, anyway) and I don't remember how I got it working previously.

Does anyone know if these drivers exist? Or perhaps does someone know how to work around this with a generic audio driver or something?

The computer is a Gateway E4100, which runs a SoundMax integrated audio card according to Gateway's site.
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  1. Have check the sound settings in the control panel?

    Does it show up in the Device Manager? does it show in Sound Devices or under Other Devices?
  2. I've checked the settings in control panel, nothing helpful there I'm afraid. The device does not show up in Device Manager at all. Searching for changes in hardware through Device Manager yields nothing.

    On the bright side, I tried installing Win7 on another of the machines just in case, and I was able to get the audio drivers straight from Windows Update. Unfortunately, Windows Update on the offending machine doesn't get the drivers. I may be able to dig the driver from a different machine and manually install though?
  3. A shot in the dark did you check the BIOS settings?
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