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Hello i have recently installed Crysis on my PC and oddly enough it stutters or freezes (for a second or two) but only when i look around if i move the mouse a a snail pace it works fine but a jolt to either direction will freeze it momentarily (audio still plays) i have re-installed it and i have updated my graphic cards drivers to no avail. my system can definitely run it (2x GTX 680) i have not had this problem on any other game before i can even play Crysis 2 with no problem i have tried running it at lower setting and without motion blur but it does not affect the problem at all, has anyone else had this problem or knows a way of solving it? as it leaves the game rather unplayable.

Thank you for your responses.
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  1. bad optimization of that game.....
    try running in non-sli.....
    sli causes problems in certain games
  2. you should be able to max out crysis on a single 680 with x4 msaa/fsaa
    it also does require a decent cpu which you probably have saying as you have 2 680's.
    make sure you also install the direct x redist that comes with the game. it should be in the install folder.
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