UpNp, bf3, ps3, disconnection/voice chat help! Pleaaase

Hey guys I have a dilemma. This is it.

If I'm playing bf3 on ps3 with upnp turned on I can hear my friends chat in the main menu however i get disconnected in the first 15 minutes of playing a match. After that initial disconnection everything is fine, no more disconnects

Now if I turn off upnp I cannot hear my team in the main menu (the part where you select what match you want to play). But I don't get any disconnections at all

So all in all:
Upnp on = can hear friends in main menu chat but get disconnected in first 15 minutes of playing.

Upnp off= no disconnection but can't hear friends in main menu chat.

Any solutions ?? Thanks
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  1. You need to configure your router so that the PS3 is reading that NAT is open. Keep UPnP turned on and in addition either configure ports or put the PS3 in a DMZ.

    Just google ps3 open nat.
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