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PS Vita Vs. Nvidia Project Sheild. Is it worth it?

I have 2 great gaming machines, a PS3 and a PC with a GTX 660 Ti...

Both are not portable so i need to choose between the PS Vita and the Project Shield... I was going towards the Project shield but you need WiFi to play and i dont think that you can connect to your comp from your friend's house on the other side of town... But if i do buy PS Vita i will have to buy those expensive game cartridges...

Both have drawbacks, so should i buy them??? Is it worth it???
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    I have a PS Vita and I must say I enjoy it. You can connect to your PC while on the same network and get saved media off your PC to your Vita. As for remote play, I hear Sony is working to get nearly every PS3 game to work with the Vitas remote play by the end of 2013 or early 2014. I love my Vita for two reasons that I think SHIELD is going to miss on and that is a OLED screen and special controls like a rear touch pad and Sixaxis movement. Here's a game that shows off those features.
  2. i think im going to wait for an year... its not like i need it right now! i have 660 ti which kicks but!
  3. i wait for the Sony thing you told me about :P
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