OCing P4 2.533 w/ Asus P4PE w/ DDR400

Heya guys,

Thanks for all the help over the last month.

I have flashed my bios and got my RAM (1GB (2x512) DDR400 Corsair Value Select), heat sink (Ventari Aeroflow), and thermal paste (Artic 5).

My current specs:

CPU: P4 2.533 w/ 533FSB
MB: Asus P4PE Bios 1007
RAM: 1GB (2x512) DDR400 Corsair Value Select

Anyone want to help me through this OC? This is my first time, but have been reading this:


I would first like to raise the RAM to 166, and then 200 if possible. I have read of quite a few people going to 2.94 with the CPU with stock cooling, so I wanted to try that. What settings should try first?

Info on the 800FSB:


I noticed it said "Apply only one DIMM" -- I am hoping this does not mean I am screwed and can only use one DIMM.

Thanks for your time and patience with a newb at OCing :)

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  1. Just some more info:

    CPU is a Northwood, model 9. Family 'F' model '2' stepping '7'.

    Core: 2539.1
    Mulitplier: 19x
    FSB: 133.6
    Bus speed: 534.5

    Freq: 167MHz (was wrong about what it was set at :/ Was not lookin carefully enough I guess)
    FSB:DRAM 4:5
    CAS# Lat: 2.5
    RAS to CAS 3
    RAS Precharge 3
    Cycle Time 7
  2. Just an update:

    My current settings are:

    CPU: 2850MHz
    Mem: 400MHz (Set at 355 then OCed)
    FSB: 250MHz (600FSB)

    All voltages were set on default. I did Prime95 and everything was great.

    I tried moving up 5MHz on the FSB (set the RAM at 333MHz and it OCed to 388MHz) and got an error in Prime95 after about 6 minutes. I decided against going up 1 or 2 MHz at a time because having the RAM at the slower speeds is not worth a few MHz on the CPU.

    Now, is there anything I can try with the voltage on the CPU to maybe have it work?

    Also, how well does Corsair Value Select RAM OC?

    Finally, the Ventari Aeroflow CPU Fan/Heatsink is LOUD... but it keeps the chip cool, so cannot complain too much.

    Thanks for input :)
  3. I have / had a 2,4 on a P4PE. Best u can do is leave the ram on standard setting and raise fsb to 160 that way everything will stay syncronous. U'ill have a 640 fsb and with only the 400 mhz ddr u'll be running at that rate but this is a 1:1 overclock which are almost always best. This way u will get to 3040 mhz. I had my 2,4 533fsb on 160 all the time but i changed to a zalman 7000 cnps just to be safe on the cooling side.

  4. I did the exact same on my P4PE with my watercooling i can even get to 3ghz and more but the ram start to sputter there. Now i changed to P4P800S-X but it doenst' overclock at all so i'll either be buying a P4C800 or changing back to the P4PE

    ASUS P4P800S-X
    P IV 2,4 @ nothing caus this board doesn't OC for [-peep-]
    2x512MB Corsair pc4000
    120 maxtor SATA
    Sapphire Radeon 9800pro 128mb
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