Windows 7 sees 3 dimms only 2 installed

i have installed windows 7 x64 .. i have 2 pc8500 ram dimms installed on the mother board both are 2048mb and register in the bios as the 4gb they are supposed to be but when i get into windows and check the ram in system properties it is showing i have 6 gb of ram installed... the bios says 4gb...

when i use speccy to check the system it says that 3 of my 4 slots are used when only 2 are actually used.. any ideas?
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  1. Hello Nashua;
    Windows 7 only knows what your hardware tells it.
    It looks like your hardware is also giving bad info to speccy.

    What motherboard and BIOS version are you using?
  2. Hello WR2;
    I have the MSI g41m-p35 and i am currently running bios version 22.0 which is the latest published, I have the beta bios v22.12 from MSI Tech support.

    i have tried both bios version and different ram.. in different spots but it still registers 6gb no matter where i place it or which ram i use,even though they are 2gb dimms of DDR3 one set is 1066 and the other is 1333.

    in the system properties it says 6gb installed and 4 available.... in the bios it sees only the 4 and shows 4 on post..

    speccy says i have 4gb 2gb in slot 1 and 2gb in slot 3... and one slot of the remaining 2 occupied but nothing is in either of them.

    this board will run 8gb of ddr3 ss ram in 4 slots or 8gb ds ram in either 1-3 or 2-4 but not all ds ram in all 4 slots.

    Thanks for the quick reply on my first post. :sol:
  3. I'd be interested in know what the Windows 7 Resource Monitor reports on the RAM tab.
    You can find that program by typing resource into the Start search bar.
    It's also linked on the Task Manager Performance tab.

    It looks like Windows 7 and Speccy are picking up on the same issue - just reporting it in different ways.

    With the latest BIOS installed the root cause is probably one of the software drivers being used to support the hardware/OS interface.
    Apart from not knowing why it's reporting the incorrect amount of RAM it doesn't look like a performance or stability issue.

  4. Here is a screenie of my resources and system information for you... you will have to save and zoom in on it to see what you need .

    Thanks for sticking with me on this :wahoo:

    Also here are the Speccy Screenies......

  5. Good screenshots.
    What stands out to me is that 2GB of gray hardware reserved memory in the Resource Monitor utiility. I've never seen that before.
    It's 'seeing' that 2GB RAM but saying it's reserved by the hardware.
    Speccy is reporting only the correct 4GB but also is saying a 3rd Dimm slot is occupied.
    Obviously the two issues are related. I'm leaning toward this being a hardware/driver issue instead of being Windows 7 related.
    As far as Windows 7 is concerned that phantom 2GB of RAM is reserved by the hardware and so won't be used by the OS.

    Speccy is reporting your RAM Dimms are in slots 1 and 2. In most cases I'd expect to see slots 1 and 3 in use.
    Can you confirm your RAM is in the first two slots (1 black, 1 blue)?

    If so moving the 2nd stick of RAM to the 3rd slot might clear things up. That would put your RAM in dual channel mode, both sticks in the same channel.
  6. Probably a good idea to check your motherboard manual to double check what it says about installing or using the RAM slots.

    Use slots 1 and 3
  7. The Dimm's are in 1 and 3 not 1 and 2 :wahoo: both black slots.

    i have tried them in 2 and 4 and windows reports the same...
  8. I downloaded and ran Speccy. It does report slots 1 & 2 when 1 & 3 are in use.

    Haven't been able to find any reports of a similar problem that seems to match your symptoms.

    The only think I can think of is try with just 2GB of RAM and see if you can get the whole system to agree on that amount.
    After that, you can 'upgrade' to 4GB and hopefully you'll see the system smoothly move from 2GB to 4GB.
  9. I installed windows xp-x64 and it shows 4gb not 6 so had to be a system thing bios reads 4 windows reads 4 and no problems yet

    Thanks for the time and all the help WR2, you rock! :sol:
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