cpu temp. Diode or Socket?

I just installed motherboard monitor 5 ... and i notice that it has cpu temp for socket and diode. Asus probe utility only has one kind of cpu temp and i realized that it was the same as the cpu socket temp in MM5.

Does this mean that asus probe is measuring cpu socket temp, not diode temp? ... or MM5's cpu diode temp is something bogus?

btw, i'm using xp 2500+(overclocked to 3200+) and Asus a7n8x-dx.
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  1. hmm...i would think that the motherboard is measuring from underneath the chip(in the middle of the socket) so that would indeed be socket temp.

    if you have an external monitor(with sensor leads), butt one of the leads up against the die...this will be your most exact measurment(i think).

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  2. I was under the impression that most newer CPUs had the temp diode built in. There is a fairly big gap underneath the socket, so this would be a pretty inacurate temp reading. Putting a diode near the core probably isn't a good ideal either, many people have cracked chips doing that, plus it's likely to keep the heatsink from seating properly.

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