God, when is Half Life 2 coming out?!

Hi all

Has anyone heard news of when HL2 will come out?
Can't wait ....

Best Regards,
Gary Hendricks
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  1. i heard it will be out the day before the second day its out.

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  2. The latest news mention April 2004.

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  3. Where have you been?

    The HL2 code was stolen from Valve Corporation. They had to assess what they were going to do next. At the very least they have to do a partial rewrite.

    Valve had a press release stating that release will be delayed until at least April 2004.

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  4. 17th Novemeber 2008, knowing Valve.

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  5. When did Valve make a press release?

    Everything I've heard has come from Vivendi. Nothing from Valve since they said it'll be out for "holiday 2003", whatever that meant.
  6. They haven't, I'm just pre-empting the inevitable. Look at Counter Strike Condition Zero. Nigh on 2 years late.

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  7. According to Valve it will be out by the holidays. You're right.

    I'm not holding my breath though.

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  8. This whole leak situation really pisses me off. Oh yeah, & just in case y'all haven't noticed, I do have a poll int "Polls" forum currently up near the top of the list that y'all might want to check out.

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  9. CS:CZ November 18th
    HL2 December 2003 (Guess) or April 2004

    I think its better to assume 2004 because so far with Valve its been a year or more holding back games. But I would rather them get it right the first time and not have new updates every 2days, fixing this and patching that.
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