Far Cry 3 black screen

My Far Cry 3 freezes usually after about 3-5 mins of gameplay. The screen usually turns black and the audio either repeats or turns off, or sometimes continues. Any ideas what this could be? I am thinking a graphics card issue/driver issue.

Specs for reference:
CPU: Intel i7-3820
Mobo: Asus Rampage IV X79
PSU: 600 watts
GPU: MSI 660 ti PE
RAM: 16gb corsair vengeance
SSD: Hyperx 240gb
HDD: WD Velociraptor
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  1. A long shot but have you checked your temps?
  2. Do any other games have issues? Whats the PSUs make & model?
  3. Thanks for the responses,
    I constantly monitor my temps, and they never get past 40-45 degrees. I have a 360mm triple rad, so I would say that is more than enough for just a CPU.

    @Simon12, I am able to play RaceRoom, Skyrim (torrented), fallout new vegas (torrented), Black Ops 2, and Garry's mod perfectly. The only two games that I encounter crashes with are Far Cry 3 and Saints Row 3, both of which are running on Steam.
  4. hello
    i have downloaded a black box repack of farcry 3 :bounce:
    after installing
    when i try to open the game nothing loads or appears (no main menu cant even see the game how it looks) :pfff: on the screen its just total black !!!!! :??:
    why is it happening ??? i have even installed update 1.05 :(
    my system specs
    1. core 2 Duo processer (2 processors 2.93 ghz each )
    2. 3 gb ram ( ddr2)
    3. 1 gb ati radeon HD5450 GRAPHICS (ddr3) ( up to date software version)
    4. 320 gb HHD
    5. DX 11
    6. windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
    and the thing that makes me more angry :fou: :fou:
    i have given the game to my two friends
    bot having windows 7 home basic one is having 32 bit and the other is having 64 bit
    WHY IS IT HAPPENING WITH ME ???? :??::ouch:
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