Power Supply Maxed out?

Ok, I just upgraded my system and am running into issues. This combo previously ran great with a palomino athlon 1800+. Since then I changed to a different case (with the same powersupply) and changed the processor to an overclocked xp-m and am having issues.

ENERMAX 431 watt P/S
MSI Nforce 2 board
Radeon 9600
512 mb of 333 mhz ram
2 hard drives
1 dvd player 1 cd burner
Athlon XP-M overclocked to 2100 mhz.

Here is the issue. The system is ROCK SOLID stable. It stays on for days with no issues, and the temps hover around 40* C with air cooling.

However, under heavy load situations, the system shuts off. By that I mean completely powers down. It will not restart until you pull the plug from the power supply for ten seconds.

I have tried disconnecting the optical drives, as well as some of the fruity case lights. Before doing so, It would shut down in about 5 minutes. With those disconnected, it runs fine in XP, but under heavy loads like Doom3, it will power down.

Is this an overloaded power supply? I'm surprised as this is one of the better ones on the market. Any tricks to try to keep it from overloading? What would you suggest for a replacement?

Or, is this another issue? Would an overheating CPU cause the power down? It does not restart the system, it simply powers off totally. Temps look normal, so I don't know what to make of this.
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  1. With 33 amps on the 12+ line, you shouldn't be maxing out that PSU, in fact you shouldn't even be at half of that rating. On some motherboards, CPU temps can result in an immediate shutdown. It sounds like a PSU problem, however, generally if you are overloading it, unplugging stuff helps.

    What do your temps/voltages look like under heavy loads?

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  2. VCORE 1.62V (set at 1.55 in the BIOS)
    VCOREB 1.66V
    +3.3V 3.36V
    +5V 5.16V
    +12V 12.28V
    -12V -12.12V
    -5v -5.40V

    SO all those look ok.

    Temps don't look great, but I don't see that they look horrible either. AT idle, temps read 44C/115* F.

    When running it under load, temps clumb to around 56-57C, and the system shuts down right around there.

    I ran a Palomino with stock cooling on this same board, and it stayed at 60C almost all the time for several years. I wouldn't think these temps would be too high for a mobile?

    Still, I am leaning towards the CPU as the issue as now it does not seem that disconnecting the drives/fans changed anything.
  3. You've probably already checked this, but make sure that motherboard monitor or whichever temp monitoring software you are running does not have 57c as the cpu threshold. On most monitoring software you can elect to kill the cpu once it reaches a certain temp.. hopefully it is as easy as changing it!
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