What games will this build handle?

CPU: AMD FX 8350 Black Edition 4.3GHz (OC)
GPU: XFX Radeon 7870 2GB
Ram: 8GB
I would be interested in knowing what FPS or 3Person games would play.
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  1. Counter Strike 1.6
  2. Super Mario Bros, CS 1.6 if you lucky on medium/high LOL
    Your CPU is nice, GPU 7870 is somewhat similiar to nvidia 660ti which is nice too,RAM is enough for few years.
    You can check on http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri
    just search what game you wish to play and click Can you run it.It will tell you what can you run. But you shouldn't worry,you can run any new game on high res
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