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weirdest thing ive ever seen

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August 28, 2004 4:32:51 AM

i am running a evga 6800 nu graphics card with 640 mb of 2700 ram, a p4 2.8, and an ibm 865G(RH) mobo. i tried playing farcry with a stock core and mem speed and after playing, had my gpu running at 77-78 degrees. i then played later that day with my gpu overclocked at 390/800, and found after paying for the same time (an hour of so) it ran a cooler 60-63 degrees. i was shocked.

whats going on? is there an explination for this?

even while i am doing regular stuff, work and web surfing, it runs cooler oc'ed.

i dont know whats happening or wat to do.

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August 28, 2004 2:13:21 PM

so i should keep it overclocked even with the xtra wearing and tearing?
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August 28, 2004 4:46:22 PM

yo, I have the same card. When overclocked, the fan runs faster, it seems, cooling the card more. Does the same thing on mine, even when idle. At stock, my idle temp is around 60-62. Overclocked, it's around 52-54. But if you're gonna overclock and worry about wear and tear, then I suggest getting one of those fancy new NV5 VGA Silencers. They're <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A> and they're sweet. Don't pay more than $30 for it though. And good luck finding a site that has it in stock. New Egg does, but for some reason, they're charging double for it!

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August 28, 2004 5:17:52 PM

i heard about the vga nv5 series. and no i havent found a place with them in stock. the only thing about em is they take up 2 pci slots. :( 
August 28, 2004 11:26:03 PM

What all do you have on the PCI slots? Also, it'll get some of that hot air out of your system, so it's a pretty fair trade-off. By the way, I know a place that will have the NV5's in on monday, which I will reveal as soon as I order it!

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August 29, 2004 2:02:49 PM

i only use 1 pci slot for an ethernet port.

are the arctic coolers difficult to install? will they require a whole lot of time to install?
August 29, 2004 6:42:28 PM

Is this my first "addict" post? Woo hoo! Anyway, they're pretty easy to put on, as far as I've read. you just have to take the time and properly clean off any crap from the old cooler. I'm going to use AS Ceramique on mine. I hope I have enough left! And these new VGA Silencers have nice, smoooooooth copper bottoms, unlike they're little brothers that had crappy machine-marked aluminum.

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August 30, 2004 10:48:48 PM

I tried the same thing with my 6800 today, as soon as it was overclocked my temps dropped considerably. Guess I never noticed the fan speeding up as my case is rather loud. Now if I could figure out how to make that fan spin faster all the time, without voiding my warranty.

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