Xbox 360 Hard drive mod

Hello, i have been trying to mod my old Xbox 360 hard drive so it can be used in my new Xbox 360 slim. i am having trouble because some of the torx screws are stripped.
how can i get the screws out?
do i have to cut the plastic surrounding the drive?
Any suggestions are welcome!!
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  1. You can use a cheap hand grinder with a flat disc on it and just carefully cut a straight line it the stripped screw. Then use a flat head to remove it. If you don't have a hand grinder you can buy them pretty cheap or ask a friend. Hope that helps.
  2. ok, ill tried it and it worked, thanks!!!
  3. Great! Glad to help. Stripped screws can cause unwanted headaches, time lost and lots of frustration.
  4. ya, unfortunately it only has 13 GB free out of 250, i may have to reformat the drive.
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