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Proper PC built for gaming on HDTV

Last response: in Video Games
February 17, 2013 6:56:01 PM

First off, hello everyone. Long time lurker and reader, first time poster and I just officially joined today! So greetings everyone.

My query is about a PC I am planning on building primarily for gaming. Due to space reasons I am going to build a tower and run it via HDMI to my 42" Plasma and game from my couch. I have tinkered with this setup with my laptop that can play TF2 on Low settings so I enjoy the concept of it. I don't know how I overlooked the fact that even though my HDTV can accept 1080 signals it's native is 720p so it is downscaling the image to fit within the fixed pixel display, but this made me reevaluate my PC I am building.

Since I will be primarily gaming at 1280x720 or the native 1366x768 assuming the card and tv will be able to accept the signal at 13x76, I am trying to build a PC accordingly now. I had it setup with SLI, 3570k, 16GB RAM etc for the 1080p and beyond gaming, but that is a bit overkill for 720p.

My goal is to have it at 720p at 60Hz and max settings with AA, AF etc. and be at 60fps or beyond for ultra smooth gameplay. I am also taking into consideration that when I do get more space, as in a bigger place for my daughter and I in a year or so, I will get a proper monitor so I can game at 1080 and beyond will still get settings.

Hopefully this isn't too confusing, so what are the communities recommendations?

My current idea is as follows:

CPU: i5-3570K
GPU: GTX 670 or 680

Motherboard, SSD, HDD, PSU and etc will remain essentially the same as they were going to be so I am looking at the 3 big components here that will make or break my desired gaming goals.

I know the GTX 680 is probably WAY overkill based on the review and benchmarks I have witnessed, a friend suggested a 660 TI because he has it and he plays everything at max settings and gets well beyond 60fps on most games, except he said when he throws AA in his card seems to take a dive(he is gaming as 1920x1080) and in my personal experience when something is at 1080p you can get away with no AA because the resolution is a lot higher and thus makes it not as needed and since my resolution of gaming is A LOT lower I feel I will need to compensate for it by adding AA, MSAA, etc. etc.

Thank you to all who reply and feel free to ask my anything if it will help better your answer.
a b 4 Gaming
February 17, 2013 8:08:52 PM

I wouldn't say it's overkill. Look at it this way: 1920x1080 is twice as big as 1366x768. So if GTX 680 SLI is not overkill for 1920x1080, then single one is not overkill for 1366x768. Sure, you will be able to max all the games today, but don't forget that new games come out every month and it is said that even GTX 680 cannot handle Crysis 3 on 1920x1080 at 60 fps (maximum settings, of course) ;) .
February 17, 2013 8:42:23 PM

Go with a 670 and hold onto the money saved by not going 680 and put it towards a 2nd 670 when the time comes that you'll need it or go 670 sli now.

BTW, i know this is costly but have you thought about replacing your hdtv with an equal sized pc monitor? You could easily stream live tv through your pc.