Black Ops 2 Freezing on Start Up, Help?

I've been unable to end certain programs for about a week now. It started with Skype. I would open it, and it would just sit and hang, and they I'd close it in Task Manager, but the process would stay, and it wouldn't let me end it in Task Manager or CMD, even as running as admin. Now its doing it for Black Ops 2, and every time I start it, it add's another to the process list. I fixed the Skype problem by reverting to a older version, but I can with Black Ops 2, since it multiplayer and needs to be up to date.

Black Ops 2, with 3 process after running it three times, and closing them each time

Trying to end it in CMD as Admin

Now I've ran both AVG Free, and Malware Bytes (Both in Safe mode) and it hasn't come up with anything. I've even tried verifying game cache on steam, with a files successfully validating.

I tried doing a full reboot with turning my system completely off, and pulling the plug from the back, then reinserting it and starting it up. It worked ONCE, but the second time it failed.

I reinstalled it once, and that worked, but the second time I tried to launch the game, it failed once again.

I've also noticed, it seems to freeze when it connects to the servers. When you start it, in the top right, it says like - or something, then when you do connect it'll say something like 2.6.1 and what not.

My Specs:
24GB DDR3 Ram
GTX 670
1TB HDD (Black Ops and steam are installed here)
128gb SSD
600watt PSU

Windows 8 Pro 64-bit.
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  1. Have you come up with a solution? I have the same problem.
  2. theerics said:
    Have you come up with a solution? I have the same problem.

    Still nothing.
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