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Black Ops 2 Single Player crashing, zombies multi player crashin

February 18, 2013 3:59:58 PM

Windows 7 64 bit,
AMD Phenom IIx4 955 3.2 GHz,
16 GB RAM,
Asus M4A89GTD PRO mother board, most recent BIOS
Asus EAH5770 CUcore (Radeon 5770) GPU. Using Beta drivers.
I recieved Black Ops 2 for Christmas 2012, and have been unable to play the game at all. In single player the pre game video will play, I see the explosion burn the little girl, I can hear her talking. I have not seen the game run properly so it is hard to describe at what exact point it crashes. I will call it the lobby, where I assume I can choose difficulty level etc. Now, I can hear music in the background, and according to Steam statistics I have played the game for 9 hours. All I see is a mouse cursor on a black screen. I can move the cursor around, and if I left click, I hear a noise, and then I assume the game begins. Or error comes up saying Call of Duty has stopped working, and Windows is searching for a solution.
In zombie mode, I can choose the arena I want to play in, choose if I want solo play or online play, all good up to when game should begin, then, freezes and I have to log out of windows to shut it down, or error message that Call of duty has stopped working and windows is checking for a solution.
I am unfamiliar with how multi player starts up, because it just blackscreens, and I have to log out.
The original Black Ops will run, and seems to be bullet proof, Call Of Duty MW3 will run, Medal of Honor Limited Edition will run.
I have uninstalled and installed the game 4-5 times.
I have recently re-installed the OS thinking I had corrupt Windows files, and this made no difference either.
I am one of the people who only got 1 of the 2 Black Ops 2 discs in my pack, the other disc being Mass Effect 2, which is a bad disc, and will not open to install or view files. I have just now got a warranty return request going with Activision to get this sorted out. My gut feeling is with both discs, perhaps I can load ALL the files required to play the game.
I am not an IT tech, so if anyone chooses to reply to this, please try to keep it in a language the common man may understand.
I have been in contact with AMD, Activision, and, Steam, and no one will assume resposibility, or offer
a fix, although I did spend 2 hrs on the phone to Activision, with no success.
Can anyone help?