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Looking for a gaming mouse and a keyboard on a budget.

Mouse: $35 tops, have big hands so might need a bigger mouse. No serious requirements. I play FPS games and MMO's.

Keyboard: Cheapest thing suitible for gaming. No special buttons or features required, I just heard some keyboards were better suited for gaming.

Thanks a lot!
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  1. good and cheap often dont go together but the current best budget mouse in my opinion is the anker 8000dpi precision laser gaming mouse at around 30bux.
    you could spend a little more and get a deathadder or a little less and get a g400.
    i would say check out the rat series but im having an issue with customer support atm. and its not looking good.

    keyboard the sidewinder x4 is the best none mechanical keyboard you can get and at 30-40 bux well worth the money. you could spend less but you wont get better and you could spend a fair bit more and still buy something thats comparatively junk in functionality terms.
    if you can spend a little more and go mechanical the qpad mk 50 is pretty much the best cheap mechanical keyboard out there. with full nkrol and cherry red keys its perfect for fps gaming.
  2. Hex, thank you SO much. Can I ask you a question or two?

    What are the benefits of a mechanical keyboard for gaming?

    Do you really need that much DPI?

    Thank you so much I can tell you know what you're talking about.
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