BF3 starts lagging mouse, then the game itself

I already saw a similiar problems someone got here, but i'am not sure if it's the same as in my case. I have an issue after last update/patch(do not remember when was the last one released exactly for bf3, but the problem comes up after february 2013). The problem is in lagging. After playing for a while, 10 or 20minutes, my mouse starts randomly lagging, the response time(lag) increase from time, its very strange, even if i use a usb cable, the problem persists.

After playing with lagging mouse, the game starts lagging itself, like there is a problem in config rig.

My internet connection is in 10MB download speed, response time is 2-3ms, ping almost always max 20.

PC Config: intel i7-3930K 6-Core, 3.20GHz
ram: 4x4GB DDR3 1833mhz cl7
gpu: GTX580 1.5GB DDR5
hdd: 2x1TB Black Caviar on Raid0
mouse: logitech g700 (wireless/wired)

Anyone know the reason what i should do? Thanks for any advices.
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  1. is it your actual mouse or is it the fps?

    i assume temps are ok. you def have plenty or vram and system ram. drivers are all updated?

    does it happen on lower settings?

    maybe try updating drivers?

    does it happen on lower ticket servers?

    i get cpu spikes caused by the chat box after a while on long ticket servers depending how many people on chatting. but i have also read about your issue happening to people too. you are not alone.

    try updating your mouse drivers.
  2. sounds like a memory leak. but check your temps. clean your registry and defrag.
  3. thanks, will do in a minute...
    and yes, i am also playing on servers with tickets +1000, so as u said it's maybe because of lowering tickets, but don't know if its really a bug or what.
    will give u my feedback
  4. nope, everything updated ... problem is actual .... i red that there could be a problem with internet connection, is that riht ?
  5. other ones says that the issue is in punkbuster client which after approx. 10mintes sends the screenshots to server which can't be reach because of timeout, etc...
  6. punkbuster sends the screen shots the the server the game is hosted on. its then up to the moderators of that server to submit them to punkbuster if theres an issue.
    so if you playing on a server then the server will accept the pictures unless the moderator has turned off punkbuster. so try a different server.
    as you have an nividia card go into the profile and set it to default settings.
    make sure the render ahead limit is what its supposed to be, 1-2.
    tracert the server and make sure theres no *'s in the ip addis on each hop to it.
    as its 10 mins or so befor the lag shows up make sure your not overheating.
    check with gpu-z that the gpu and vrm's are not overheating. vrms show up as vddc's
    check the cpre temps of the cpu to make sure there not hitting 70.
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