Does the PSX have SNES technology?

We all know the PlayStation controller is similar to a Super Nintendo controller. But I was wondering if the PlayStation had any other technology derived from the Super Nintendo? Does it have a similar architecture?
Is it's "GPU" based off of the SNES's?

Because I was checking out some classic game videos and there was this one comparing a PlayStation to a Saturn.
And people were posting comments like "The Saturn is way better in 2D graphics." But I read that the PlayStation had 1MB or 1/3rd of it's RAM dedicated to 2D graphics. And I thought the PlayStation had very good 2D visuals. I thought perhaps part of it's graphical abilities may have derived from Nintendo's technology. Any info is very much appreciated.
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  1. Partially yes. Originally de psx was an "adventure joint" between nintendo and sony, and the chip set used in psx was intended for the joint console, but legal and creative problems overcome and the society disolved. the control set design of the psx was intended to be only with the directional pad, but sony thought the analog stick were the best way to play (the joint console possesed a strange combination of directional pad-stick system) , so added two stick (although no many titles for psx have full configuration for us both, only left), althought the vibration was used first time by nintendo and sega (a kind of backpack esque device for maximum game experience which in fact "rumbles" in certain momenst of a game) time after nintendo launched the n64, which in fact resembles to the "original" joint console, finally, the scheme of controllers of microsoft is so similar to the japanese snes controller that nintendo get royalties from microsoft, even the kinect wes partially maden by nintendo.

    hope this info helps you...
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    To answer the question: No. Totally different Hardware under the hood.

    The SNES's CPU: 6-bit 65c816 Ricoh 5A22 @ 3.58 MHz

    By contrast:

    Playstation CPU: MIPS R3000A-family R3051 @ 33.8688 MHz

    Note the 10x clock speed over the SNES, and a totally different CPU architecture to boot.

    Neither console had a "GPU" in the modern sense; little more then the output and a small framebuffer.
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