Best Summer Movie

Just thought i'd throw out a best movie of the summer poll.

Yes, it's almost over. I've seen alot of movies this summer except for a couple big ones. Lots of disappointment, a couple cases of beyond my expectations.

Only 10 slots... I know I missed some huge movie.

My vote goes to Wanted though. Wanted really hurt other movies I saw like hellboy and hancock because wanted was really good and just made some other movies seem to be really poor in comparison.

Vote away.
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  1. Wher's Dark Knight?
  2. Sorry about disregarding your list, but I have to go with Traitor, and pineapple Express.
  4. Dark knight!
  5. IRON MAN!!

    Don't see what the big fuss about Dark Knight is.. Entire film was shot entirely too dark, Batman is barely in the movie and just cause the Joker died in real life everyone wants to give this movie a freebie. The movie was not that good.
  6. All bad movies.

    Not as bad as Twilight tho.
  7. Dark Night pls.
  8. dark night
  9. ok i will go with IRON MAN.
  10. Iron man
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