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Can HaloPC be played against gamers using XBOXes?

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October 16, 2003 6:03:47 AM

Does anyone know whether or not this game can be played against people using XBOXes and XBOX live? In a college setting, the only real point of this game would be that ability. WASD+Mouse rocks! Controllers just dont work in FPSs.

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October 16, 2003 8:16:05 PM

#1. halo isnt LIVE enabled
#2. Check out Http:// and see if there on the net Halo for the X works with Pc.
#3. I highly Doubt, since the maps and weapons are new, and would crash the games, unless there was some update on LIVE downloadable Content, so, i really wouldnt recommend putting hopes up.

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October 17, 2003 12:09:52 AM

First of all, I find Halo more comfortable to play with a pad, probably cause I played it so much. Second, the only way to play Xbox-Halo over the Internet is using a third-party program that lets you route the connection through a PC, and even then, you need 128kbit up/down. PC-Halo, on the other hand, uses normal ways to connect to other users. also, since there is no official way to play Xbox-Halo online, there almost definitely won't be some kind of patch.

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October 17, 2003 1:51:14 AM

The network/internet play feature of Halo PC had to be completely revamped. I actually remember hearing that the company actually wrote the networking code from scratch for it. The Xbox version persumed they were directly hooked up or through a router when it saw another Xbox, that gave it a theoretical max data output of 10Mbits per second(both ways.) A typical Cable internet service offers 128Kbs of upstream(upload) bandwith and approx 1.5Mbit's of downstream bandwith (downloads.) If you ever played Halo through Xbconnect or Gamespy, with 2 or more people, you normally notice horrendous lag, you have to learn to shoot in front of someone to hit them. The Xbox version didnt have to be optimized because it was never meant to be played online. Finally, there is no way to play a PC opponent on an xbox. I think that was way more information than you asked for but oh well.

One more thing...if people got linux running on the xbox, there must be a way to get windows working on it so if you did that it is possible to play Halo PC on Xbox then face other people playing the PC version of Halo. That would be interesting.

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October 17, 2003 12:07:38 PM

Even if you could sort out all the coding problems... it would be so unbalanced as to be pointless, and unplayable for X-box users.

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October 18, 2003 1:32:01 AM

I know but its still a neat little project for some one to try. I think the hardest part would be getting drivers for that nvidia chip inside there to get all the DX 8 + 9 features. Can anyone do that?

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October 19, 2003 6:24:56 PM

You can't get a GF3 to do DX9 features. You could do it in software rendering I suppose, but it would be insanely slow.

The DX version doesn't affect gameplay anyway, though. DX7, DX8 and DX9 users can all play on the same PC server, after all.
October 22, 2003 12:14:44 AM

I forgot the Xbox is a mix of the GF3 and GF4, i forgot that it's been that long since the box was realeased.

You need DX9 compatibility for halo which isnt too hard, just install DX9. The problem is getting a driver for that custom video card that would enable some of its functions.

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October 22, 2003 12:58:50 AM

They would never allow xbox-pc halo (or atleat I hope they wouldn't)... Imagine how cheap it would be for the PC users snipe, or just aim in general. Using a mouse offers a lot more agility compared to an analog stick.