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Hi, I currently have Windows 7 RC installed in my current PC and I just received my copy of Windows 7 through the mail this morning. I just want to ask a few things before I install it.

1.) Do I need to uninstall Windows 7 RC first and how? Or do I just stick in the CD and install Windows 7 over the current RC version which I have installed?

2.) I have Windows 7 RC and my programs installed on 1 hard drive. All my other files i.e. music, movies, etc. are stored on a separate 500GB hard drive. Will my files be affected in anyway when I install Windows 7 i.e. deleted ? Or should I unplug the hard drive with my files just to be safe and then re-connect it after the install?
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  1. 1) You will unfortunately have to do a clean install, thus all your applications will need to be re-installed. You can however use Easy Transfer Wizard to move your user profile, documents, mail archives etc across to the full version. Since it's all on the same partition, I don't know of any way to get rid of the RC besides formatting.

    2) No need to worry about your second drive, it will be unaffected. That is as long as you don't accidentally format it instead of the primary drive. Make sure which drive letter is which BEFORE you format.

    Hope this helps.
  2. I'm not worried about losing my programs so yeah I'd be fine with a clean install. Thanks for the quick reply :)
  3. Pleasure's all mine!
  4. I'm having a bit of a problem re-formatting the hard drive with the OS installed, I have it on drive "C:". I'm in disk management and when I right click on drive C:, the "format" button is unclickable. But when I right click on my second hard drive which is "D:", I can click on format just fine. Why is it not letting me re-format my C: drive? Is there another way to delete the OS and everything else in my C: drive?
  5. Weeellll... You can't actually format the drive from inside the OS while it's still running. That would cause major chaos, now wouldn't it?

    I suggest you pop in the Windows 7 disk, reboot, select the clean install option, and see if it gives you the option to format the drive before you install. Otherwise you may have to go the old fdisk route.
  6. Ah alright :)

    I actually popped the disk in already, but I just ended up on a blue page with nothing. It said "Windows is loading files", finished loading, said "starting windows" and then the blank blue screen came after that. I waited for like 5 minutes to see if the installation would start but it didn't so I had to turn off the computer.

    I'll give in another try anway.
  7. Don't interrupt it too soon. That initial phase of the installation does sometimes feel a bit lengthy. Be patient, give it some time.
  8. Alright I'll wait 30 minutes this time, I'll let you know if it works ! :D
  9. Thanks, I just finished the installation :)
  10. Kewl! Glad it worked.
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