Copying files without entering windows7

hello everyone

is there a way to copy / move file from a hdd to another hdd and have gui like windows explorer
i am looking small software that can be run from usb flash disk and can do file copy/moving

my dell PC died (the psu and mobo just fail)
so i built new pc, as almost all hardware is new, i don't think i can boot to windows correctly
and i want to recover some files from dell harddrive

i might can mount it to another pc and do copy
but if i mount to windows based pc, i am afraid it will screwing boot master

anyone have suggestion ?
please help me
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  1. Just put the old drive into the new PC as a "D" drive. It won't screw up "boot master".
  2. When you add the old drive, just make sure that your current boot drive is set as first boot device in bios.
  3. okay i will try it tonight
    and will post an update

  4. Run a Linux Live CD.
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