Can This Be Done? P4 550 To 4.0 GHz

OK... I grab the ASUS P5AD2 Premium board... I grab the a P4 550 from

along with this memory...

If cooling is not an issue... what frequency changes need to be done to get it to run at 4.0+ GHz... I am new to overclocking but have a basic understanding... I want to get the best memory for this and I think this memory would be my best bet... I'd like some feedback... lemme know if I need to go another route... if this is impossible... what changes do I need to make to the freqs... can i push the 3.6 GHz... up to 266 MHz bus and use a 16 multiplier... is that how it works... as long as it is stable... anybody!?

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  1. Nope. That processor uses a 17 multiplier. 17 X 236mhz = 4ghz. Raise the buss up 6mhz at a time. Set your v-core at 1.5v and watch your temps!

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  2. Is it just me, or does anyone else hate Intels rating system of P4's. It took me a second to realize he did not make a typo of 550mhz...
    I think that all processors primary listing should be the mhz listing first, then the arbitrary rating BS system.
    At least would have a constant, then the theoritacal hope to achieve corporate PR BS...

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  3. I think it is needlessly confusing and a dumb marketing ploy.

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  4. I like how both Intel and AMD think that a chip can be more than a MHz rating... namewise... but I do question the sanity of those who have picked the new nameing schemes... I mean... FX... XP... to name a few.

    As for my overclocking questions... I'd still like some more feedback... anybody have any luck with the Koolance Exos system... I think I am gonna use that to help cool my 550 when I pump it up... 236 MHz was some advice I received! If my calculations are correct... 236 * 17 = 4.012 GHz... Whoo Yeah!

    As for the memory... NewEgg has this memory with both a vanilla version and an active led version... my concern is...

    Will memory with LED's on it have any latency when it comes to performance with those sticks that don't? I like the thought of LED's on my memory sticks... but I don't want to pay for it with precious milleseconds... then again... this memory is rated for higher speeds than what I am gonna use it at...

    Vanilla Version

    LED Version

    Someone give me some thoughts on this memory!!!
  5. I have this same processor, I am in the process of buying other parts. I don't suppose you are up and running yet? Do yo have any links you could post that give insight on this processor. I havent had much luck at finding very many. The ones that I do find talk more about the problems associated with these processors and not very much info about what if any options are available to overcome problems such as heat. I may regret buying this one, but I already have so I would like to focus on making something positive come out of this. Also, does your motherboard use the new video card or the AGP type?
  6. Koolance Exos isn't exactly a good watercooling system, and I'm pretty sure that the 4.0Ghz is reachable, but i'm not sure if temps are going to be acceptable.
  7. Sure I got my 3.2 up to 4.3!!!

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