do i need a fan for a pipe system heat sink

I'm planning on getting a Thermalright Heatsink for P4 & K8 CPUs, Model "XP-90", Link bellow.
my question is do I also need a 92mm fan for this and if so which one would you recomend?
By the way, this will be my first system I have completly built from the ground up so I appologize for being such a newb.

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  1. you will definatly need a fan on that. That heatsink appears to lack fan mounting ability (aside from screwing it into the sink) so I'd look into something like this:
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  2. You are right about that heatsink needing a fan. I think all Thermalright heatsinks don't come with a fan. But they are not passive heatsinks and you don't need to screw the fan in to the heatsink. Most of the Thermalright heatsinks (like the one above) are designed to have the fan sit on top of the heatsink. The fan is then held in place by a set of retaining clips. On <A HREF="" target="_new"> Newegg's</A> site if you look at the 5th picture in the product views you will see the clips.
    By the way, I've had a Thermalright heatsink for about a year and I take it to LAN parties - the fan has never fallen off despite being just attached with those clips.

    Check <A HREF="" target="_new"> Thermalright's </A> site for how to mount that heatsink on the board and how to mount the fan on the heatsink.

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