4gb ram vs 8gb ram w/ 660 2gb

hey guys i'm into youtube and i was just wondering if there was a difference inbetween 4gb and 8gb (DDR3 1600). I'll mainly be playing witcher, bf3, and other graphicly intense games with FRAPS. Will it make the game slower at all? Also is this rig good? I saw a guy on youtube with it, here is his rig:
amd fx-4100 zambezi 3.5ghz
1tb hdd
80 gb ssd for os and web
120gb ssd for steam (is this why he gets ultra on far cry 3with 45-55 fps)
700 watt psu
660 2gb
970a mobo
i feel like he is getting far cry 3/bf3 on ultra with 50+fps is because his ssd. i hope not because im trying to stay sub $610
soon to computer:
amd fx-4100 zambezi 3.5 ghz
970a mobo
660 2gb
500watt psu
1tb hardrive
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  1. 4Gb of RAM is fine for most games but its cheap so 8Gb is worth it to future proof. A SSD will not improve FPS at all just speed up loading time. The FX 4100 is one of the worst CPUs for gaming the older 965BE is better and a similar price or the FX6300 is better still avoid all FX CPUs that have the second no 1 for gaming or value. Fraps does loose a few FPS in games. Ignore Utube videos in general as there are so many that are false or just very low res.
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