Problem with games in full screen

So I have had this problem for a while now:
I launch a game, and default it is in fullscreen.
The game looks HORRIBLE. The colors are so distorted, finding the video options is about as easy as finding Osama.
I finally find the video options and turn fullscreen off, and it looks just fine.
Any help?
I have tried updating all of my computer's drivers.

And here are some examples of what it looks like: Normal What is happening to me (

System Specs:
Motherboard: ASUS M5A99FX pro r2.0
CPU: AMD FX-8350
GPU:AMD Radeon HD 6950
PSU: Seasonic X series 850W 80+Gold
RAM: 16GB G-skill Ripjaws

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  1. I have found out that it is only older generation games, such as fable in the pictures
  2. older game are not good on newer computers like why is the newer games are not good on older computers the game as a limit too of what it can do and so i think it is that but if someone louts as a better reply great
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