Xbox controller and new games - work OK?

2 quick questions:

1) Will the original Xbox controller work with Battlefield and Black Ops, for ex.?

2) Will any standard Xbox to USB adaptor do my notebook connectio? (For ex., those sold typically on eBay out of Hong Kong?)
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  1. dunno abt wireless controlers but the wired 1s work straight away.
    you will likely need drivers and windows will probably find them for you. problem is you dont want to be pllaying any of them games with a controler unless your flying or driving. you will get punished by even the most noobish player using a mouse and keyboard.
    the turn rate is just to slow. with a mouse you can spin 180 in 2 fps while on a pad your looking at half a second per 90'
  2. I'll not be playing multi. Just me against the machine (AI).

    Please note that I'll be playing with the original, not 360, controller.

    Won't my controller be incompatible with these new games though? - for instance Bf3 is from the 2010s, whereas my xbox controller was manufactured in 2002.

    Can anyone give me a definitive answer, please. All Google checks I've done so far mention the compatibility of the 360 console, but no mention is made anywhere about the original controller.

    Cheers in advance,
  3. bf3 came out in october 2011 mate bad company came out in 2010 i think.
    the original xbox controller wont work natively you will have to use xbcd. and use unsigned xp drivers.
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