Custom Heatsinks?

I'm planning on cutting some heatsinks to shape and using them to cool the memory on my 9800 pro. I have some old cpu and chipset heatsinks lying around - could I just cut them to shape and use them, or should I order some heat sinks made for the purpose. I have a high-quality 100% copper heatsink that I think would be perfect. For the job.
Also, I was planning on using the Arctic Silver Premium Silver Thermal Adhesive, unless anyone can suggest something that they think would be better.
I would like to monitor the temp of various items in my case, like the temp of my vid card, mem, hard drive, and such. What is the best solution for this out there?
Thanks for all your help!

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  1. You can cut them if you want, however, RAM heatsink are basically dirt cheap, it might be just as easy to spend a couple of dollars and buy them.

    The Arctic Silver Adhesive will work, there is also thermal tape that you can buy, I haven't seen it in a while, and dont' really know where to find it now-a-days (doesn't help much does it?), but it comes apart a bit easier than the adhesive, if you ever need to take them off.

    Also technically your copper heatsinks should be a little better, as most RAM heatsinks are alumminum.

    What are you cutting them with? Cutting them may heat them up just enough to warp them, but I think the chances of this are pretty slim.

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  2. for monitoring you should check out: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    I have been using the Aerogate II for a long time and have been quite pleased with it. Add a Musketeer and you can watch your voltrails/sound/light too ;)

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