Need for Speed Most Wanted and CPU Usage

Hello everyone,

I started playing Need For Speed Most Wanted [2012] the second time yesterday. Even though my low end PC is no where near to be able to max the game out, I thought I should try seeing the results.

So I maxed all the graphics settings, and wow, the game was running 50 fps. And I drove my Ariel Atom from the out-skirts of the city, into the main town.
And the fps dropped to around 25. Okay, in the city, there's lot more for the GPU to draw. So it's lagging.

But then I looked at the GPU and CPU usage.
Total CPU Usage: 75.5%
Total GPU Usage: 59.0%

And yet it was lagging [25 fps on a racing game is not at all playable].

On my first play-through, by the time I realized that I could increase the graphics options, the game was complete. So it was running the game on low, and I never felt that the game lagged.

Here are some screen-shots [look at the right top corner for readings]:

Out Side the City:

In the City:

Ignore the temperature readings. Those were the temps after my PC was up for 2 days. Else they are around 70 C. 75 C Maximum. When under load.

Will be very helpful if someone can point me to what's happening over here.

GPU: GTX 550 Ti 1 GB GDDR5
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93 GHz
4096 MB DDR2 RAM
Windows 7 SP1
Display Mode: 1360*768
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  1. No one had similar issues? On any other game? Any fix?
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    The game is broken.. i had the same problems when i was playing, i hear they released some patch to fix the framerates but i didnt check it out. The only thing that help with fps is to turn down geometry and reflections down.
  3. Thanks a lot. :)
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