Need cheap video card solution

I am looking inexpensive video card($50?) for.a.friens.that can handle.sc2...preferrably on medium settings. Any tips.or.ideas? advance
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  1. A Radeon 6770 is $59 and way above anything else in the price range I can't find anything under $50 I could recommend unless you look on Ebay for a used 4870 or similar as long as the power supply can handle it, they sell very cheap all the time in auctions.
  2. HD 6570 If not try to look around local stores for some used graphic cards. Or if you still want something new then go for the HD6450 but bare in mind that the HD6450 is out of the "Gaming" league. and the HD6570 is a decent entry level solution for all games.
  3. +1 WOW I would not wait a minute more and jump at that HD6770 Simon has posted up there. Between other cards at that price there is no competition
  4. Sorry its a 6670 not a 6770 but what I said about was correct I just mistyped a 6.
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