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October 22, 2004 12:08:23 AM

Hello, I have a danger den water cooling setup for an amd fx cpu with a 226w TEC. You can view the specs of the TEC at I was wondering if anyone can help me out with powering this TEC. it will run off of a thermaltake purepower 480w powersupply. also running off this psu will be a few cathodes and fans. I would like to know if someone can offer me a straightforward guide as to how to power this TEC along with explaining to me volts watts and amps. I have been reading forums on this matter but thought this post may save me some time. in the mean time i shall continue my learning. THanks

P.S. how do i know which side is the hot and which side is the cold before powering on my TEC?

A7n8x Deluxe
AMD 2500+ oc = 3200+ 2.2 ghz 400fsb (dd rbx)
asus v9999 Ultra (DD nv40)
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wd740 x2 raid0
Corsair 3200xlpro 1 gig
480w ps
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