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I was recently global banned for no reason on Battleye (dayz). Does anyone have a Arms 2 Operation Arrowhead cd key the are not using?
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  1. buy it. and next time dont cheat... you dont get global bans for no reason. they ban you for 1 of 2 reasons, persistent abuse or cheating.
    persisten abuse is likely to get you baned from that server and it will be only for that server. but a global ban is normally only for cheating.
    and dont claim you werent because the md5 either found you were using a known bot, the anti cheat found a banned app in your processes list or a screen cap showed you were using something your shouldnt...

    for screen shots you can ask to be unbanned if its just persistent black screens as this can be cause by unsigned or badly configured drivers. but most of the time a global ban wouldnt result just a local 1.

    there is a group who are offering a global list for people who spout hate and abuse if your on that then you can query it but again its likely they will have a record of what you said and on what server.

    lastly dont ask for cd/keys to games on toms. its against the terms and condiditons and theres a sticky at the top of the forum saying as much...
  2. Ok thank you and sorry but do you know a place to buy them?
  3. we had 3 people getting global bans from battleeye last night, never had that many on a single night before, and that was in 2-3 hours.

    You can buy arma 2 from steam.
  4. Already bought it from Steam
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