Selling an xbox but no offers? advice please

I'm selling my xbox because I just built a PC and got everything but a gpu, so I have been trying to sell my xbox to buy one. However, I'm not getting many responses. I've gotten 2 so far and neither were that interested. Is the price to high? are there any suggestions about what I could do to advertise it better. Sorry if this is the wrong forum to ask, but I wasn't quite sure where else to ask. Here's a link to the add (this isn't the first one I have posted, been trying to sell for just over a month).
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  1. could be because there pretty much worthless second hand. to many have been sold only to break a week after the sale. for 200 you can get a new box with a guarentee, the games you can pick up for 10-15bux a pop. your gonna need to drop the price by 100-150 before you will get any offers.
  2. Yeah, you are asking a bit too much money for a used device. A brand new XBox 360, Kinetics and a free game is $290.

    Sure you have a bunch of games, but it seems Skyrim is the most recent game you have. The 2nd controller does add some value though.

    Yeah, I gotta agree that $200 - $250 seems to be a better value for a used Xbox 360 bundle. The next generation Xbox is coming out relatively soon so people could just be holding off for that.
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