Strange choices for AMD64 HSFs

Hey all,

I've got a weird choice between two HSFs for a rig I'm bulding(Options are VERY limited where I live).

The first would be this cooler made by gigabyte -

and the second is of using the heatsink that comes with the Thermaltake Silent Boost K8


combined with an 80 mm Vantec Tornado(I'm assuming I can install the tornado instead of the fan that comes with it, correct?.)

What would you guys go for. These are the only things I can get over here, no XP-120s and the like. I'm not sure which one would be better. Right now I'm leaning towards the second option. Thanks for the help.

Edit: If it matters these are the specs of my system

Case : (Ugly front, but I'll mess around with that, like i said, options are very limited here)
MOBO : MSI K8N NEO2 Platinum
Processor : AMD64 3200 winchester
VGA: 6800 GT
RAM: 3500 EB OCZ 2*512
HD: 74 GB Raptor
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  1. Silent Boost, but i wouldn't recommend the tornado though, it kills your eardrums. I'd recommend something like a papst or panaflo medium speed fan, if you think the stock fan on it is too weak.
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