Max Payne 2, Great short game!

I started and finished Max Payne today, didn't take me more than 4 hours, though I must say those were 4 fun packed hours. The game seems a bit like an expansion pack to the first, since all the features are the same and all you get is a new story, new weapons, new character and (oh my god) better graphics.
I only played the game at regular difficulty, but that's what matters, right? Other difficulties let you play through the storyline with tougher enemies of a time limit.
I just wanna add something about Max (the dude, not the game), he has become so uncool! Where are the small jokes? The sarcasm towards the guy with the baseball bat to his face? All we have now is poor depressed Payne. They also changed his appearance during the cut-seems, now he's old.

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  1. I'm playing it now, and yeah it looks like it's gonna be short.

    Graphics are better, but not really THAT much better. The new havoc physics engine is what I like. It has the HL2 rag-doll effect on dead bodies, and you can push over boxes etc... The AI is really good too.

    I totally agree with the expansion pack feeling. You can totally tell it's the same game, not that that's a bad thing of course.

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  2. Before the game release, I've heard that it'll me much longer than original Max Payne

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  3. i have started playing it today, and it seems similar to the last one although the graphics and general physics of the engine are much improved. I think it is going to be a great play, and as i am rubbish at games it will take me ages to finish anyway. i got stuck on the first level...
  4. I believe I'm at the end, where I'm dodging Val's bombs, but for the life of me I can't get that giant spike to fall on him (after I knocked the platform down). Do I just keep shooting the rope/ hook it's tied to?

    Is there anything really more to say?
  5. I can't get over how well they've optimized the code for video! My GF3 ti500 (o/c'd of course :] ) can play max settings (with fsaa4x) at 30-50 fps. That's crazy!

    Fun game, short, but worth it!
  6. Hey, what are your system specs? I keep getting an error that says my card is not direct x9 compatible but i have 9.0b and a gf4 ti4400 with the latest drivers. If that guy can run it on a gf3, why can't i? Have i done something wrong?

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  7. yeah i beat it in the first day as well, but it was a good three or four hours of play.

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  8. MP2 is great. It runs brilliantly. The level design is much-improved over the already-strong MP1. I miss the stronger storyline and winter blizzard of MP1, though. Rain doesn't have the same atmospheric effect as snow, IMHO.

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