Guys.. I need help please..

I have a problem with my home connection, i set up 4 computers together using hub. and i am using ADSL. the problem is, when client computer wanted to access certain website, it is stops, e.g and many more... until i dont know how to solve the problem.

but for others website, it uns well. different from our server computer who directly connected to internet, it has no problem at all.

how can i fix it? i've traced tci/ip and everything.. and i really stucked here.. help please...
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  1. Double check the DNS settings on the problem PCs. Make sure they are consistent with the server.

    Are you using ICS, static IPs, or NAT?

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  2. i am not sure, but what i know is
    for example

    server :
    dns ,

    dns: ,
    IP :

    please help me...
  3. try checking the internet security settings on your problem computers. try setting them to default.
  4. everything is set to default.. but it cant help.
    anymore ideas guys? i really need to fix this...
  5. are you running ICS?

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  6. i dont know, but maybe i am using ICS , because i set up everything by windows tcp/ip itself, without any 3rd party program ...

    if it is so, how to solve ?
    thanks guys
  7. so what you have is:

    DSL modem going into one NIC on the "server", the other NIC on the "server" going into a hub, and all the "client" PC's coming out of the same hub? The client PC's are set to "obtain IP address automatically" and they all get an IP address and can ping the "server"? Also, can the "client" PC's ping the DNS server IP address successfully?

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  8. yes yes jlanka.., you are right, but I never et to obtain IP automatically. i set manually.
    I ping everthing is ok. no problem. but onli for certain webpages cant be load. is that because of security problem? is that from server? but i set everthing to default.
  9. just for grins, set a client to "obtain IP address automatically" and see if there's any difference. Thats how it's supposed to be if you've set up ICS correctly. If you haven't enabled ICS, then you're best off re-doing that on the server.

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  10. Oh my... still cannot...
    btw, is that because of "not enough permission" from the server? if yes, how to fix it..?
    any software can help me?
  11. I'm still confused about your setup, which you're not giving many details on. Is ICS definitely being used? Can you ping all the nodes I mentioned in a previous post successfully? Permissions are most likely not the problem. What EXACTLY is your problem?

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  12. yes, i am using ICS. my exact problem is i can access internet and browse it. but, certain website like , and many more.. cannot be accessed, the browser kept on searching the address. , and the rest are OK.

    i also very confused about my problem. I am using windows XP pro.
  13. Perhaps the properties of said sites have 'issues' with your IE settings?

    Cookie thing?

    Really guessing now... :smile:

    The Asus website can be sticky and slow anyway. Sometimes it doesn't load.

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  14. ok, go to one of the non working sites on a pc that CAN access it, and note the IP of the site, then on one of the NON working pc's type the IP straight into the address bar, see if that works- Im trying to see if its a dns prob

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  15. hahaha, i also really guessing..
    what about the cookie thing?
    asus website cant load at all, and many more also like this. but my server did it very fast. i had adsl 384/128 kbps
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