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Just trying to find a solution of freezes in Skyrim every 5 seconds, my skyrim is cracked i dont buy a original copy. Everytime i played it it always freezes almost a time and it almost unplayable.

Note my specs was able to run it in high setting in 1366x768 resolution detected by Skyrim launcher i tried to low the settings but no difference it freezes a lot.

Intel Dual Core 2.5 ghz
4gb ddr3 ram
Amd Radeon HD 6670 1gb ddr3
160gb HDD

I read many solution to this freezes problem in skyrim but it only support those who buy the game and not the cracked ones. Please someone who knows the solution please post your support here. Thanks in Advanced.
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  1. No support to users who pirate games. That's the rule here in Tom's.
  2. the solution will be to buy the game and install it properly.
  3. Upgrade your junk PC and buy the game.
  4. Here's the fix:
    1. Make a Steam Account
    2. Add credit card to Steam (with parental permission)
    3. But Skyrim
    4. Download it (watch TV to kill time)
    5. Play it and be a proud owner
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