Zalman Resorator

Just got it. It works great on P4 3.6. Before it was like a jet engine, now the only thing that makes noise are the 2 hard drives that I have. Got's to figure something out for that.
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  1. Yep Pretty nice I have one too What are your temps???
    does your flow meter make any noise?

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  2. They make HD silencers.

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  3. yea not sure if ley work thoug I got one But my Hd was working too hot dropped the temps by like 5 degrees
    Doesnt your power supply/ video card /case fans make noise?
    If you want a dead silent pc like mine cheak this site out I got their fans/power supply

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  4. CPU temp is 38c at idle. It used to be 43c. The only thing that I don't like about this unit is that you have to remember to turn it on before you start the computer. I'm going to try to find something on the net to remedy that situation. The fans in the Antec case don't make any real noise. The noise is being generated by the two WD hard drives that I have. I ordered an enclosure for them that is suppossed to virtually eliminate that problem.
  5. I have a raptor and it doesnt make any noise
    Its the vibrations that they make that causes the noise.
    You should get one of those power supply's that have a monitor out plug so that when the pc turns off so does the monitor
    And hook up the zalman instead
    Have you ever thought of fiiling the reserator with wter wetter? I'm thinking about it
    Good luck with those hd enclosures

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