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I have an old IBM Pentium III 500 machine with a CPU fan that sounds like it's about to die. I'm planning on getting a new computer soon, but would like to keep this one in working condition. It's a slot 1 P3 with a 50x50x10mm fan and I'm having trouble finding replacement fans at a cheap price. I don't need to replace the heatsink, so can I just get a socket a/370 cooler for $5-10, take the 50x50x20mm fan off the heatsink and use that with my existing heatsink? I'm not worried about the height difference as there seems to be enough clearance space. Also, my existing fan is wired to the motherboard with a 2-pin connector, but everything I'm finding has 3-pin connectors. Will I have a problem with this? Any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. If you have a little space around it I suggest just getting an 80mm case fan(80mm fans are usually cheaper than fans that are bigger/smaller than that) and zip tieing it onto or near the cpu just so some air gets blown on it. A PIII 500 doesn't need tooo much cooling, just a little air blowing on it should be fine.
    For my dual PIII 550 Xeon servers I just zip tied a 92mm fan above the procs and they stay nice and cool.

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  2. If you are in the USA then try <A HREF="http://www.nexfan.com" target="_new">http://www.nexfan.com</A>. They have a Sunon 50mm fan for $3.99 and a PIII Slot-1 HSF for $5.99.

    Nexfan has fixed rate shipping (ground shipping, $6.99/order), so get some other goodies too take advantage.

    In the meantime, you can lubricate your fan to cut the noise.

    Carefully peel off the back label of your fan. Put one drop of light machine oil (or WD40 if that's all you have) into the fan's bearing. Replace the label. Don't spill oil onto the fan's casing, otherwise the label won't stick.

    Lubricating the fan will gain you noise-free operation for weeks or months.

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  3. How many 50mm fans would you like to buy from me?

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  4. Thanks for your replies. Good suggestion phsstpok about lubricating the fan. It's such a simple idea, but the thought never crossed my mind to peel back the label. I tried it last night, and at least for now, the noise seems to be gone. I'll pick up a new 50mm fan for a longer term solution. Thanks again.
  5. For me, re-lubing seems to be more or less permanent for larger fans but doesn't last long at all for 40mm northbridge fans. I'm guessing the latter might be true for your 50mm fan.

    Getting a replacement fan plus perhaps a spare wouldn't be a bad idea.

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