Nfs Most Wanted 2 Graphics problem

Alright. So the controversy of what video card I was going to get is over. But now the one I selected is not running the game mentioned above to my liking. Earlier today, if it hadn't been for my brother, I never would've noticed the graphics were glitching. Also, I'm getting around 15 - 21 FPS on the game, whish is totally outrageous considering my updated specs. So, can someone explain to me what's wrong? My drivers are updated and my PSU isn't the problem either. I also checked the EVGA tracking program, and my GPU hasn't overheated.

Dell Inspiron 560
Intel Pentium Dual Core E5700@3GHz
EVGA Nvidia GeForce GT640 2GB DDR3 (Max. Temp 50 Celsius, lowest 27)
300W Stock Dell PSU
3.5 GB avaliable RAM
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  1. You can try the below two steps :-

    First :-

    1) Go to Documents\Criterion Games\Need For Speed(TM) Most Wanted\
    2) Open "config.NFS13Save"
    3) You will see a option like this :-
    Just change it into true and then try but the game will be capped at 30FPS.

    Second :-

    1) Start The Game.
    2) Go To Graphics Settings and change to any new resolution.
    3) Then change back to the game resolution you want to play on.
    4) Then you may notice a performance increase.

    Disable the VSync from the nVIDIA control panel.
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