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Task manager disabled

I have been playing around with windows deployment service, in a attempt to easily reinstall windows, really fast.
My first attempt, the task manager is disabled, and I don't know why, I even reactivated the Administrator account and it is disabled on that account too.
I checked my original computer where I captured the image from, and it is also disabled. So that is where the problem came from. I have no idea how the task manager got disabled, but how does one reactivate it.

By disabled I mean it is graded out when I right click on the taskbar and it isn't listed when I do a Crtl-Alt-Del.

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    Hello Catsrules;

    Using the Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise edition of Win7 I'm guessing?
    Try using the Local Group Policy Editor. There is an option there to disable/enable Task Manager.
  2. Yep you are correct, I am use Professional.
    It worked it got it enabled, this is a cool little utility, i am going to have to remember it.

    Thanks for your help
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