League of Legends - Anyone Who Hasn't Played, Should

Hello everyone. I wanted to share with you today a game I have been playing for a long time now. A game that I find to be, currently, the best PC game for competitive online play. That game is League of Legends. I wanted to take the time today to invite any and all who haven't tried it to do so.

What Is League of Legends
League of Legends is a free to play game of 5v5 online competitive matchmaking. The goal is to be the first team to kill the enemies "nexus" inside of their base. This will first require your team to push past several of the enemy teams defensive's. Along the way you have to build gold by killing smaller minions that roam the "lanes" and the "jungle". The more minions you kill, the higher your gold, the more items you can buy, the stronger you get. Pretty simple concept, right? Add in the fact that there are 5 people on the enemy team trying to do the same thing and it starts getting a little trickier. Toss in the "fog of war" effect (creates areas of the map that you can not see unless you have a teamate in the vacinity or a "ward" to help grant you vision) and things just became very interesting. All in all, the game is simple to play and hard to master.

How Can I Play?
By visiting this link, http://signup.leagueoflegends.com, you can create your free account today and start playing. It is simple and free. As a matter of fact, you NEVER have to pay a dime to play this game. From account creation, everything is free. However, that is not to say that there are not ways you can spend money. XP boosts, IP boosts, Skins, Champions, etc can all be purchased with real life money, although you never have to. You can acquire everything in the game except for skins (purely cosmetic) without paying a dime. You may ask, so is this game pay to win? Not in the least bit. Nothing you can buy for money actually gives an in game advantage. Again, the game is super simple and yet hard to master. I strongly urge anyone interested in the game who has not already played to try it out today.
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  1. Dota 2 is better.......
  2. Kardas Na mate its not :D keep dreaming and LoL Ftw
  3. Nice referal link...

    I'd rather play DOTA 2 anway...
  4. Why do people care if I put a referral link? Anyhow, to the top
  5. What if I find "competitive online play" pointless and boring?
  6. active league player, this game is only fun if you wish to put alot of effort into reading game guides, watching matches, and practicing ALOT. once you get out of the first 10 levels if you have not put any effort into it past just playing the game you will not enjoy the game very much.
  7. You do realize League is just a straight rip off of the original DotA on WC3? With that being said I'd rather play DotA 2.
  8. Naterich73 said:
    You do realize League is just a straight rip off of the original DotA on WC3? With that being said I'd rather play DotA 2.

    It's not a rip-off at all. It's an evolution of the game/genre just as DotA2 is. LoL and HoN were both started up by former DotA crew. And there were other MOBAs before DotA. DotA is a "rip-off" of a SC mod if you want to get into poop flinging.

    I prefer LoL, but I haven't played much of DOTA2. The controls aren't as intuitive and the flow of the game felt off. From what I can tell, people generally like it more becase the meta hasn't settled in yet. I haven't written it off, but it's tough to justify putting in the effort when I already enjoy LoL.

    League is a great game, but it's not easy to have fun with it once you get past a certain level where little things matter more and you can't get better by just playing.
  9. rmnesbitt said:
    Why do people care if I put a referral link? Anyhow, to the top

    I'm sure it says to refer your friends. A lot of us aren't your friends. Go make some friends.

    And to add to jesot's quote, he is correct. LoL was created by former DotA creators. And again, DotA was created based off of AoS (Aeon of Strife), which originated on the original StarCraft game.
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