Cryisis 1 Crashes? help!!!

Hi there,
I just recently bought the crysis 3 hunter-edition on pre-order..which included crysis 1!!! crysis 3 is working fine, but crysis 1 keeps crashing when changing settings (it saves the resolution and very high settings but still crashes, but it doesnt save the AA) and when ever it has to save on singleplayer, also when i try log-in in multiplayer..
It just freezes then the program stops working.. wtf...
I see that A LOT of others have had the same issue.... Is there STILL no fix??? :(

P.S this is origin download.

Please help guys, need fix ASAP, i wanted to play crysis 1 story before crysis 3..
Any help would be more than appreciated!
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  1. make sure itsd running as admin to save your prefs or it wont have enough privs to save on the primary boot drive.
    you can also try editing the config file. save it to the desktop then drag and drop it into the crysis install folder.
  2. i think i may have fixed it... its saving settings and not crashing (did once, but dont think it was same issue) anymore..
    all i did was temporarily disable AVG 4free and it works.. weird....
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    not really, antivius apps often interfear with a games copy protection and stop it working.
    zone alarm didnt like sercurom on f.e.a.r so avg inter-fearing doesn't surprise me.
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