Black Ops 2 FPS SPikes

I was playing Black Ops 2 yesterday with no problems FPS was 'locked' at 91, never changed from that, by the end of the night it started going from 85-91 and just becoming very difficult to play.
The same is happening today, where the FPS is jumping alot and its very frustrating trying to play!

Here are my specs:
i5 3330
GTX 650ti

I cant understand why I would start getting FPS spikes now but not before!
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  1. firstly, u must have ur fps wrong, because if ur getting 85-91 fps, then surely that should still be highly playable,
    secondly, have u got any temp sensing software, u will probably find that either ur CPU or even GPU could be reaching temps that are starting to act up on the hardware,
    problems with changes in fps later on after long usages normally are a result of overheating, or atleast temps that are starting to cause issues
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