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Tunngle Review by Deadmano

February 24, 2013 1:53:16 PM

Hi there guys and girls! Before I start I would like to let each and every one of you know that I am a gamer, just like each and every one of you here, and it is my passion. I was not paid or talked into writing this review by anyone affiliated with Tunngle, and I have nothing to gain whatsoever. The motive behind this is to simply have my awesome community grow with even more awesome people like you! Is that too hard to believe? :) 

What is Tunngle?
Tunngle is a revolutionary step forward for the LAN gaming community, offering a free service that will allow you to play any game that supports LAN over the internet with any of your friends (or make new friends with the thousands of other active players). It doesn't matter how far away you are, as long as you have an internet connection you will connect through a secure and encrypted VPN client that links you to thousands of players all across the world. It even has the ability to allow you to play with your STEAM buddies with supported games!

Every game that supports LAN will have a home on Tunngle, and if the game isn't already a part of the ever growing network you may request to have it added (which happens in moments as soon as one of the Tunngle Team members see your request). Tunngle is always looking to expand and attract gamers and the community is always looking to try new things, so if you have a game you so badly want to play but can't find anyone to play with then I urge you to join Tunngle where you can have your own network created and make friends with the community and have them join you in pure gamer bliss!

Why Tunngle?
Think back to those golden olden days, to the times where your favourite games were ever so popular amongst your peers, games such as Diablo 2, Lord of the Rings: Conquest, Lord of the Rings Battle for Mid-Earth 2, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, or my personal favourite; Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri to name a few. Now these games were very popular, but due to either official servers having closed down or lack of an active community it is practically impossible to enjoy such titles with others. You could have a LAN game with your mates, sure, but how often does that happen in our day an age? Most of us will be busy working or studying, and to manage our hectic schedules to fit in a LAN session and have to organize it (the good old router, getting together some tables, chairs etc), it just seems so daunting!

What if I told you that that was now a thing of the past? With Tunngle, you can sit in the comfort of your own home (or stand if you prefer), and connect to as many peers as you like, playing all your favourite LAN games. It's as simple as signing up for an account which is free, downloading and installing the client, logging into the client, selecting one of the hundreds of game networks that exist, joining the network and launching your game! The rest is all managed by the state of the art software, giving you more time to actually enjoy your games and make new friends and less time spent on the nitty gritty.

What About Modern Games?
Tunngle has always and will always work with any game that has LAN support, and in some cases our community members will go through insane lengths to provide a work-around should a game not be straight out of the box LAN compatible. So any new and upcoming games will most likely be able to be played on Tunngle.

What About The Community?
Our community is tightly knit and we strive to help each other where best we can. An example of how involved our community is, would be the CNQReboot created and maintained by one of our members; ObeseWhale. It is an attempt at bringing Lords of the Rings: Conquest back to life, since the official servers shut down. Or the SFK Team that have brought tons of awesome updates for games such as Left 4 Dead 2 to work perfectly with Tunngle for the more novice users who aren't to familiar with getting it all set up and wish to avoid STEAM (due to the issues it brings with LAN). That is how dedicated our members are, to name a few, and should you ever require anything related to LAN games supported by Tunngle we will go out of our way to offer support in any way we can.

Regardless of your knowledge level when it comes to setting up games or joining them, we want to be here for you every step of the way, that's what the community is for after all. So should you find yourself in a pickle, sure, Google may be your friend, but chances are one of us have already experienced your problem or know how to solve it so all it takes is one post from you to have your issue resolved.

As for localization, Tunngle started off solely as a German community, and has since become home to players from around the world, with English becoming the primary language spoken, although there are separate forums for other languages, allowing communities from any part of the world to have their own little home should they wish to do so, although we do encourage all members to participate in the global English forums should they be able to as that is where the majority is currently. The same goes for the Tunngle game networks, should a community of a specific language be large enough they are entitled to their own network where that specific language becomes the primary language should they wish to do so. So as you can see by reading this, the community is diverse and is always looking for more members, regardless of their nationality, all are welcome.

What Does It Cost?
NOTHING! Absolutely free! Although there are possible package upgrades offered (which are solely offered to cover expenses and continue bringing this amazing service to everyone) and really give you some bang for you buck! Such as your custom Tunngle IP, premium networks, clan network support and the ever popular Tunngle Interlink (allowing you to link your public dedicated server to any existing public network) to name a few perks of getting a premium account. This is of course strictly optional, and you will never be forced into paying a cent (although with such awesome support and outstanding quality, would it be fair to not contribute in some way or another?).

Currently Tunngle is running a promotion where you get the Tunngle Lifetime package which includes all current and future premium updates without a reoccurring monthly fee or any catch whatsoever. This promotion is in place to fund the Tunngle crew to develop the software at a much faster rate. If you think about it, the lifetime deal is equivalent to a couple of months of Tunngle Premium, but its once off and you'll be helping Tunngle grow and expand, which is a win-win scenario in any way that you look at it.

For those of you who tl;dr, here's a quick summary of why Tunngle should be a part of your staple gaming diet;

  • Enables you to play any game that supports LAN with anyone in the world.
  • Costs nothing.
  • Extremely helpful community and staff.
  • Vast amount of supported games.
  • Thousands of active players daily.
  • Secure encrypted connection at all times.
  • Each network has its own chat room.
  • Up to 255 players supported per network.
  • Class C Emulator.
  • Global blacklists, to block spammers/cheaters from joining your games.
  • Integrated private chat and buddy list.
  • Integrated file transfer via a highly encrypted propriety protocol.
  • Voice-chat ability supported.
  • Allows you to play with your STEAM friends where supported.
  • Includes its own mini-firewall to protect you from otherwise possible LAN attacks in normal LAN environments.
  • Ability to create your own private networks.
  • Ability to skin the client and replace the audio to your hearts content.
  • And much, much more! (Any more and this would be classified as tl;dr as well!)

    I really hope that this has convinced you to at least try out Tunngle for a day and see if you like it, because like me, you won't be disappointed. Everything that you could ever ask for from a gaming community and a LAN emulation point of view is right here.

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    Should you have any additional questions that I have not covered in this brief review, please do let me know either here or at the original topic mentioned above and I will gladly answer them.

    Looking forward to seeing you around on Tunngle! All of the best, good luck, and have fun! ;) 

    Yours Sincerely,