Crysis 3 performence on hd 7770 and phenom II x4 965

Hi,What do guys think Crysis 3 will perform on my PC.My specs are:
AMD phenom II x4 965 3.4 GHz
Sapphire HD 7770 GHz OC Edition 1Gb

I just want to know what fps i'll get with low/med settings before spending my cash on it.Since C3 looks good even with a low setting i don't wish to play it at high or very high.Please let me know.
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  1. i just got a phenom and its playing crysis 3 on nearly high but note i play 720p so not sure how your performance may be my specs are 8gbs 1600mhz , hd 6850 , phenom 965
  2. It should work just fine. Have fun with Crysis 3!
  3. it will work but your looking at medium or less@720p
    my 5870 runs it at medium 1080p and although its an older card it will blitz the 7770 in every bench/game.
  4. What fps your getting with that setting?
  5. How is your ram split? 6Gb is an odd number for an Amd rig is all...
    975be@stock with two 6950's gives me around 50fps on max settings (vsync and motion blur disabled,Fxaa for AA duties)
    I'd hazard you'll be around 20-30 with low settings
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