Idiot needs help choosing a pc

I have up to $1000 to spend on a pc, i do not want to build a desktop from scratch but i dont mind buying a cheaper pc, then replacing a few things(such as graphics card)

This is the desktop i have my eyes set on:
Asus cm6870

specs are:

16gb 1600mhz ram
intel i7 4 core 3770
nvidia gt640 3gb dedicated vram
2tb hard drive 7200rpm

Can someone tell me what games this will be able to run, (crysis, metro, bf3 etc) and how well it can be run.
++++++If anyone can find a better deal please link me to it (HAS to be in canada).
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  1. The CPU and RAM are overkill for gaming while the graphics card is weak. I recommend you buy from somewhere that will custom build it, You should be able to get something with an i5 and a Radeon 7950 or better for that price. Not if you upgrade the graphics card in a pre built system you will most likely need a new power supply as well.
  2. thats a poor graphics card

    and if its for gaming you dont need an i7 an i5 like 3570k is plenty
  3. agree with both guys $1000 could get you a top notch gaming pc
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